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Drink Gift Set
Drink Gift Set
Drink Gift Set
Drink Gift Set

Drink Gift Set

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A wonderful gift set of a rectangle glass chopping board and 2 coasters making this a perfect and super thoughtful present for someone who loves a G&T!

The drawing looks amazing through the glass and on the gloss finished coasters.

  • The glass chopping board is 28cm x 20cm
  • The coasters are 9cm x 9cm
  • The chopping board is 100% dishwasher safe

You can choose to have the same drawing on all 3 elements of this gift or a different drawing on each!

We do also have a Bar Mat as a gift, take a look here!

  • If you're choosing to have a different drawing on all 3 parts of the gift, please have the paper in landscape position for the chopping board and as the coasters are square please do a drawing in a square shape
  • If you're having the same drawing on each gift please do the main drawing in landscape and we'll edit the drawing to make it fit and look amazing on the coasters!
  • Brightly coloured felt tip and paint look the best through the glass of the chopping board but you can also use pencils and chalk! They all look fabulous!