About us

Welcome to Dinky Artist!

We are a UK based company on a mission to bring back the true meaning of  thoughtfulness into gifting.

With services available today where you can buy something with a couple of clicks or order flowers to be delivered that day we can all make a gift selection with a little less thought and a little less effort than maybe we would like.

However, when you gift someone a unique, personalised present inspired and created by a loved one then it becomes a completely different gift! It’s so emotional, it’s so special..... it’s so thoughtful.

We wanted to create something so personal and precious for you, your family and friends to completely cherish.

Standing in the kitchen, looking at the amazing drawings the children had created, stuck on the fridge door and now starting to curl at the edges and get really tatty - No way would we throw them away - they were works of art!

This is where Dinky Artist was born.

Your child's drawings are precious. We help you celebrate your little one's inner artist (as well as their their boundless imagination), producing timeless keepsakes from your child's creations that you can treasure time and time again

Say Goodbye to the fridge door and Hello to a new world of memories

We hope you and your recipient just love your thoughtful Dinky Artist product.