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Vegan Leather Notebook
Vegan Leather Notebook
Vegan Leather Notebook
Vegan Leather Notebook

Vegan Leather Notebook

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Introducing our new Vegan Leather notebooks! Engraved with your child's drawing and writing!

  • They are 13cm by 9cm
  • They have a plain pad of paper inside
  • The top of the notebook flips up to reveal the pad which also has 2 really useful pockets for cards and stamps
  • We can engrave the front and the back of the notebook so if you wanted to add a second drawing you can!

They are made from Polyurethane leather which is man-made and not come from animals, they have the exact texture, feeling and are as hardwearing as animal leather.

We engrave your child's artwork into the top layer of the notebook which shows a wonderful contrasting cream colour underneath making your children's drawings look vibrant and really pop!

  • The notebooks are portrait so please have your paper in the portrait position when doing your drawing.
  • Landscape drawing's won't work on this gift as there won't be enough space.
  • Please do the drawing in felt tip pen so the lines are thick rather than pencil.
  • The drawings can be done in colour but the engraving will always be cream.