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Canvas Bag Gift Set
Canvas Bag Gift Set
Canvas Bag Gift Set

Canvas Bag Gift Set

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This gift set gives you an amazing large canvas bag with a make up bag included! 

The smaller bag can be used as a purse, changing bag or just somewhere to store those crayons for the kids!

  • The large canvas bag is super hardwearing with long black handles and a lovely black silky inside
  • The make up bag is a really handy size with a black wrist strap and zip close 
  • The canvas bag is 39cm high, 32cm wide and with the handle it's 63cm long
  • The make up bag is 24cm long and 16cm high

You can have the same drawing on both bags or you can choose to have a different drawing on each one. We will create your drawings on both sides of each bag!

  • Ideally draw your picture with your paper in the landscape position
  • Use brightly coloured felt tips but pencils, paints and chalks still look amazing!