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Top Tips

We want you to be totally in love with your Dinky Artist creation. Below we've listed out our top tips to give you the very best results every time:

  • If the drawing is going to be created for a gift have a think about what colour product you'll purchase and then use colours in the drawing which will look great on it. For example..... if you select a red sweatshirt, it's best not to draw a red fire engine!
  • Prime colours give the best effect especially if you use paints or felt tip pens. Chalk drawings also look amazing as our designers will remove the background, truly bringing your children's masterpiece to life


  • For best results, draw on white paper. If you've got a drawing from the past on coloured paper don't worry, our studio will be able to work their magic
  • Once you've selected your product you simply upload a photo of the drawing you want to have printed. You don't need to worry about cropping the image as our studio will remove any background. The image below shows Alfie's 1st ever caterpillar sponge painting and what it looked like when we received it, this also shows how it's transformed into a fantastic T-shirt which he loves with just the painting showing. Rest assured our studio won't ever change the drawing itself (unless it's for the reason in the next point)


  • If the drawing is of a stickman on white paper but you'd like to order a black t-shirt, that's fine as our studio will change the ink to white so it shows up


We've made the process super easy for you, no need for fancy cameras or equipment, just paper, pens and your phone to take the photo!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch support@dinkyartist.com