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Club Together Bag
Club Together Bag
Club Together Bag
Club Together Bag
Club Together Bag
Club Together Bag

Club Together Bag

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The perfect gifting choice for all the family or a group of friends to club together to give the most thoughtful, meaningful gift! 

Not only is this a great cost effective way of giving such an incredible gift as you all "club together" but it has all the drawings or handprints from the grandchildren, siblings or friends to keep forever. 

The bags are a wonderful hardwearing canvas, with a black lined inside.

  • The bag is large and are 39cm high, 48cm wide and with the handle its 80cm long
  • Wash as normal, do not tumble dry

The brightly coloured drawings and brightly coloured paint look incredible on the material.

We will create your drawings/prints on both sides of the bag. If you've 5 or more drawings we'll spread these so each side of the bag is different. If you've a couple of drawings we'll repeat them on both sides. 

You will receive a free of charge proof of your order emailed to you before your gift is created so you can tweak/change anything on your gift so it's exactly to your own personal specifications.

You can also add any text you'd like to your gift completely complementary. When you email the photos of your handprints/drawings just let us know what you'd like.

  • Select the number of drawings/prints you've got. Please ask all your family/friends to email you their photos as large as possible
  • Please take the photo directly from above the drawing/print and in good light
  • If you've got handprints, select if you'd like to use one of the pre-drawn templates
  • Checkout!
  • Once you've got your order number, please email all your photos to support@dinkyartist.com with your order number and we'll do the rest!
  • You will receive a proof to approve before your gift is created so you can ensure it's exactly how you'd like it.

If you have handprints, we've drawn a selection of fun templates you can choose from!

  • Butterfly - Fabulous of 4 or 8 handprints (4 on each butterfly)
  • Flower pot - any amount of stems can be added
  • Garden flowers - any amount of stems can be added

Or you can choose not to use a template and we'll layout your handprints as you'd like. Please detail this in your email when you send over the photos of the prints. 

Top Tip: Use brightly coloured paint and try to all use a different colour/mix of colours! This gives the BEST results.

Please note, handprints won't be true to size. We can make handprints different sizes depending on the ages of the people, please add this into your email to us when you send your photos!