Art Therapist Videos

Here are a selection of videos  from the Teapot Trust to do at home with your children. We hope you enjoy them all!

Squiggle Game

This therapeutic art activity can be used to engage the imagination and help children loosen up.

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Continuous Line Drawing

In this continuous line drawing activity, art therapist Megan shows how a simple line can help you understand and think about emotions.

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Eyes Closed Drawing

Drawing with your eyes closed helps ease self judgment and allows
the creative process to flow.

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Your Special Box

This activity shows you how to decorate and use a handmade, special box created by you.

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Therapeutic Playdough Techniques

Playdough not only helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but can also be used to calm and relax.

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Art Journal

This video gives you a brief introduction of how you can keep an art journal at home.

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